Specification Almer Arc 2

Almer Arc Product Overview


The “Arc” is an Augmented Reality (AR) hardware device developed by Almer Technologies AG. Its primary function is to overlay additional information onto the user’s real-world view. This is facilitated through a see-through screen integrated into the device, allowing for the direct projection of content within the wearer’s field of view. In addition to the integrated see-through screen, the device includes critical components such as a high-resolution camera, speakers, and microphones. The Arc is engineered to accommodate a wide range of applications across various industries.


The Arc is designed as a user-friendly, standalone device with an emphasis on wearability. It houses all required processing capabilities internally, obviating the need for supplementary hardware. The device operates independently of persistent physical connections, requiring neither data nor power cables, thereby offering users complete mobility during operation.

Main hardware components


Integrated See-Through Screen: The Arc incorporates a Full HD Color Micro OLED screen, positioned on the device’s right side, delivering sharp, vibrant visuals in high definition.


High-Resolution Camera: Strategically placed at the device’s center, the high-resolution camera is engineered not only to capture detailed images and videos but also to facilitate live video streaming.


Integrated Speakers: Equipped with speakers on both flanks, The Arc ensures auditory clarity. These speakers, along with the battery components, are designed with a collapsible feature to promote maximum user mobility.


Integrated Microphones: The device includes microphones located at the bottom, oriented towards the wearer’s mouth for clear voice capture, and at the top for environmental noise filtration.


Bluetooth Connectivity: The Arc is designed with an integrated Bluetooth interface, allowing for the wireless connection of headphones and other compatible devices.


Wi-Fi Connection: This feature enables wireless internet connectivity, allowing the device to access online content and services seamlessly.


Navigation and Power Buttons: The device’s user interface includes four buttons. Located on the upper left is the power button, while the upper right side houses three action/navigation buttons for intuitive control. 


Battery and Charging: The Arc is equipped with two batteries located near the speakers on each side of the device. It can be recharged using a USB-C cable or via the Almer Arc Charging Station’s pogo pin connector.


Operating System: The Arc runs on an Android-based operating system, providing a familiar and robust platform.