Almer Raises USD 5 Million in Seed 2 Funding Round

Bern, Switzerland – June 28, 2023 – Almer Technologies AG, a trailblazing developer of Augmented Reality (AR) glasses for industrial applications, is proud to announce its successful Seed 2 funding round, raising USD 5 million. This funding is poised to advance the development and production of their second generation AR glasses, the Almer Arc 2, and foster expansion into new markets. 

Building on the momentum of its recent successful Seed 2 funding round, Almer Technologies AG has enjoyed a year of significant growth and evolution, with substantial milestones to its credit. The company’s AR glasses have undergone extensive design improvements. A transition from a conventional nose-and-ear-based frame to a more ergonomic head-mounted design now allows all-day wear. Also, the camera repositioned to the center gives remote experts a firsthand view, significantly enhancing the troubleshooting process. 

In this transformative year, Almer also won in the Venturelab’s Top 100 start-ups program and the Swisscom StartUp Challenge, successfully produced 200 units of the first Arc, and generated over USD 100.000 in pilot customer revenue.

Seed 2 Funding Accelerates Finalization of Arc 2 and Fuels Expansion

This new round of funding, sourced from dedicated industry partners and existing investors who have once again shown their belief in Almer’s innovative vision, is set to facilitate the final phases of development and production of Almer’s second-generation AR glasses, the Almer Arc 2. The updates to this model, significantly enhancing key hardware components such as the camera, display, speakers, and battery, have been driven by invaluable feedback from early pilot deployments. With the Almer Arc 2, a symbol of collaboration and cutting-edge technology, set for delivery in Q1 2024, Almer is poised to address a wider audience, setting new industry standards for AR technology.

Sebastian Beetschen, CEO and Co-Founder of Almer, said, “We’ve successfully created a groundbreaking product in a remarkably short period. This Seed 2 funding enables us to refine the Almer Arc even more and significantly expand our production to meet the accelerating demand”. 

About Almer Technologies AG

Almer Technologies AG, a Swiss startup, is at the forefront of reshaping industrial workflows with their innovative AR glasses. Their primary offering, Remote Assistance, provides on-site workers with expert guidance in real-time from anywhere in the world. Almer’s revolutionary technology minimizes costly downtime, cuts CO2 emissions by reducing travel, and offers a smart solution to the global labor shortage. Committed to their mission of augmenting human intelligence, Almer is constantly seeking new applications where hands-free AR glasses can change the game. With Almer, the future of work is a fusion of technology and human potential.