See it, solve it.

Effortless know-how transfer

Expertise at your eye.

Arc’s camera mirrors your view, connecting you with experts globally when needed. See essential details on its transparent display, all while staying engaged with your surroundings

AR-Solution ready to go

With the Almer Solution, readiness is not a promise, it’s a guarantee. The moment you unbox, you step into a world of intuitive AR support, pre-optimized software, and steadfast support, ensuring you are ready to tackle challenges from the get-go.

Use cases

From immediate problem-solving to long-term efficiency, see how Almer Arc integrates into real-world scenarios.

Digital fire extinguisher at the shopfloor

Internal Know-how transfer between sites​​

Remote assistance for service technicians​

Digitalize logistics step by step​


Compact and Comfortable

At a mere 135 grams, Almer Arc is engineered for comfort, allowing for extended wear through long shifts. Its compatibility with helmets, prescription, and safety glasses ensures a perfect fit for every user.

Unlimited upgrades and replacements

Almer Arc stands as a reliable companion. Should challenges arise, our hassle-free replacement policy ensures your operations continue seamlessly. It’s beyond just a warranty — no questions asked.You get access to continuous technology improvements and replacements. Once we get a new version, you can be the first one to profit from it.


Zero Upfront Costs

Experience the AR revolution without the burden of hardware expenses. Our solution is designed to accelerate your digital transformation, free from traditional budgetary limits.

Want to revolutionize your Communication with AR?

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