Digital fire extinguisher at the shopfloor

Problem Scenario

A machine breaks down. The problem can’t be solved by the worker at the shopfloor alone. He needs the input of an expert to fix the problem.

The worker takes the Almer Arc from the charing station, and calls the expert.

The expert sees on his computer what the worker sees and hears thanks to the camera and microphone of the Almer Arc. He can guide the worker to different points and highlight him objects in the reality thanks to the retina AR display of the Almer Arc. The worker has both hands free and can operate fastly. Also detailed technical drawings and 3D models can be shown. Together they can solve the problem as if they would be standing in the same room.


  • Immediate support leading to reduced downtimes
  • Expert doesn’t need to travel to the location → expert’s time can be used more efficiently and can stay at home / CO2 reduction due to less travel
  • Improved service level
  • Reduced travel costs

Example customer

Leo Kühnis, production expert at SFS, put the charging station of the Almer Arc next to a high value machine that needs to run 24/7. Thanks to that, he doesn’t need to drive to the factory for the majority of the emergencies but can resolve them from home, which increases the uptime and saves him sleep.

Putting the Almer Arc next to our machine that needs to run 24/7, I was able to resolve many problems in the middle of the night directly from home without driving on site. This reduces the downtime and increases our productivity all while I have more sleep.”
Leo Kühnis
production expert at SFS